Monday, September 8, 2008


Here is a shout out to my current room mates, Vicki and MaryAnn. They are the best. I love them, and I love where we live.

The other night we got to talking about how many room mates we have had since we graduated. We decided to see if we could remember all the ladies we have shared a home with throughout the years.

I left everyone else hanging in the dust in this contest. I'm not sure I should post such things here, but counting my mission companions and the 12 girls I shared a room with when I was on my Freshman study abroad program, I have had a grand total of...drum roll please.....

64 room mates!!! (22 of which I had as a Freshman!) So, for all of you who have had the privilege of living with me, I say thank you. Without you, I might not have the collection of random mugs that I have today. ;-) J/K Love you girls!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forever Young

Since I've already updated briefly, I figured I can now bore you with silly little details from my every day life. Recently my friend Kathy moved out of my apartment, and my friend Vicki moved in. With the move, we've been making some home improvements. I bought a new desk and put it together myself (with the help of my trusty assistant). My roommate, MaryAnn, informed me that it is a rule that you wear the hardhat anytime you use a tool kit. So, here you have it.... my home office construction gear, documented.

I can't decide if I look more like one of the village people or a bobble head gone awry. Ha.

One of the other home improvements we made was having our carpets cleaned last Saturday. We moved all of our furniture into the kitchen (which made it sound like a sound proof recording studio). While the carpets were getting cleaned, the roomies and I hit the pool for the last time this summer. After they were all clean, we waited for the carpets to dry; and waited, and waited, and waited. When the night came they were still wet and we could not move the furniture back into the bedrooms. Because of this, Vicki and I got the privilege of sleeping in the kitchen and dining room. My mattress ended up underneath the kitchen table. So, I decided that if I had to sleep under the kitchen table, I was going to do something I hadn't done since I was 10.....BUILD A FORT. So along the theme of forever young, I repeated one of my favorite childhood past times and I built a fort out of the kitchen table to sleep under. Here's the proof:

Moral of the story: When life forces you to sleep under the kitchen table, build a fort.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Days Slippin' Away...

Well, my friends, I am finally writing an update of the summer. Summer has come and gone and I am back to teaching. Highlights from this summer:

1. Going with my best friend Vicki as she went to the temple for the first time. This was so special to me. 2. Visiting my family in Arkansas. My Niece Calie is getting so big! As an added bonus, I got to go to the Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban concert. (June 2008)

2. Working for Elderhostel for 7 weeks this summer. (June-August) What an INCREDIBLE experience. I met the most wonderful people from all over. Each week we lead a group of 26-50 people around Utah doing activities such as: Ropes course, Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, hiking Timponogos caves, 7-Peaks Water park, hot air ballooning in park City, Olympic Park, Park City Mountain Resort, Stewart Falls, Sundance, Temple square (We had some awesome experiences here, Heber Creeper, and Floating the Provo River.

3. Going to the Stadium of Fire in Provo for the 4th of July. This was such a patriotic experience. I'm proud to be an American. (And to top it all off, the blue man group and Miley Cyrus came and performed with Glenn Beck as the MC).

4. Visiting my friend Amanda and meeting her baby Savana for the first time (out of the womb). Amanda and I were friends in Highschool when I lived in Idaho. We were also room mates at Ricks College our Freshman year. She just moved back to Utah from Hawaii this summer.

5. Brian Regan show at Thanksgiving Point

6. Jack Johnson concert at USANA amphitheater.

7. Boyz II Men concert and the Scera outdoor shell in Orem (August 28, 2008). This was probably the best concert I have ever been to. I was not expecting just how fun it would be. Talk about a blast from the past. I am a born again Boyz II Men fan!