Friday, May 23, 2008

Kids Village Graduation

Another year has come and gone! I can hardly believe it. By the energy level of my students at school, it is apparent that the end of the school year has arrived. After this weekend, only 4 more days of school. My kids had their graduation program last Wednesday. I gathered the class around to give them one final pep talk before they performed. As I had them all sitting there looking at me, I was overcome by emotion and I began to cry. It kind of caught me off guard. I told them that no matter what happens in life, or where they go, I hope they always remember that Miss Carrie loves them. Instantly they got up out of their chairs and shouted "Group hug." Next thing I knew I was being swarmed by a bunch a wiggly, adorable, 2-4th graders. I sure do love my class.
I'm attaching our (first ever) Kids Village Music video along with the slide show that I made. I struggled finding the perfect song, for the slide show portion, that encompassed how I felt about these guys. After prayer and a lot of thought, I was lead to the perfect song. Enjoy!