Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter Pleasures

Today was the best December first that I ever did have. Picture this: falling snow on a beautiful
winter day; a beautiful Christmas tree all lit up in the corner of the living room; a digital fireplace
crackling on the television; Christmas music painting the air with Christmas nostalgia; a
"coco-motion" brewing creamy hazelnut hot chocolate, pumpkin waffles, and a fantastic group of
dear friends. Does winter get any better than this? I attest that it cannot.

Just to continue the December dream day we went out with a group of friends and experienced
what we like to call "Snow-boating." It is when you tie a rope to the back of a car and sit on a sled
and go for a joy ride in snow filled parking lots. It was a blast. These are the moments life is made
of. I love simple pleasure Saturdays.